Eight Fiery Power Metal Songs

In the realm of power metal, fire probably holds equal status to iron and steel in regarding frequency of use, making it one of the go-to draw-it-out-of-a-hat-and-write-that-shit-down lyrics that shoehorns it’s way into virtually every power metal album.

Am I complaining? Hell no. You don’t spend more than ten years loving the genre and then leave because of limited lyrics. That just isn’t the power metal way. Instead, I embrace the unoriginality amongst the lyrics and song names.

Here are ten of my favourite songs that contain ‘fire’ (or some version of it) in the titles!

DragonForce – Through the Fire and the Flames

Let’s begin with the painfully obvious. Aside from probably being the most famous song with ‘fire’ in the title, it’s also easily the most recognizable power metal song, especially by those who don’t delve into the genre.

There isn’t much to say about this song that hasn’t already been said; the intro is awesome. The solo is awesome. The vocals are awesome. Everybody knows that this song is fucking awesome.

DragonForce – Through the Fire and the Flames (Noise Records)

Firewind – World on Fire

‘World on Fire’ brews a gale of infernal glory through Gus G’s mean riffs and facemelting solos. Even though there are probably ten Firewind songs with ‘fire’ in the title, I chose this one because of that nasty fucking synth solo.

Also, look at the video. This shit is hype.

Firewind – World On Fire (Century Media Records)

Powerwolf – Fire & Forgive

The opening track to Powerwolf’s The Sacrament Of Sin begins with a somber string/organ instrumental before unleashing the heathen hellfire that is Powerwolf’s specialty. This song, quite simply, will boil your blood.

Powerwolf – Fire & Forgive (Napalm Records)

Dreamtale – Firestorm

‘Firestorm’ features Dreamtale’s trademark bubblegum-and-candy upbeat tone, high and soaring vocals, feel-good chorus, and synth-heavy backing tracks. Complete with a dual-toned guitar solo and victorius outro, ‘Firestorm’ will ignite your heart into believing in yourself. Or something.

Dreamtale – Firestorm

Burning Point – Queen of Fire

Nitte Valo, the lead vocalist from Battle Beast’s debut album, does a phenomenal job as Burning Point’s leading lady, and adds a certain charisma to the 80’s-influenced ensemble.

‘Queen Of Fire’ begins with a cheesy synthesizer intro that leads us into a song that is just as cheesy. It switches its feel up to a halftime beat for the solo section, backing right off before building into it’s final chorus.

Burning Point – Queen Of Fire (AFM Records)

Heavenly – Spill Blood on Fire

If you’ve never heard Heavenly before, drop everything and go download their album Dust to Dust. Right now. Seriously. I’ll wait.

Did you do it? Probably not. Anyway, they’re fucking incredible, and ‘Spill Blood on Fire’ is no exception. The catchy choruses will draw you in and the tasteful solo section, courtesy of Olivier Lapauze, will make you glad you came.

Heavenly – Spill Blood On Fire (AFM Records)

Wardrum – Baptized in Fire

Before Greek-born Yannis Papadopoulos became an instant icon in Beast in Black’s Berserker, he was the lead vocalist in Wardrum, seeing the release of three albums with them. Every song from Awakening is a showstopper, with Yannis and drummer Stergios Kourou (who easily makes my list as top metal drummers ever. His beats are fucking crazy.) delivering jaw-dropping performances, and featuring shredding guitar solos to ice the flaming cake.

‘Baptised in Fire’ is no exception.

Wardrum – Baptised in Fire (Steel Gallery Records)

Beast in Black – Eternal Fire

Ultimate Supreme Cheeselords Beast in Black (who, by the way, release their sophomore album From Hell With Love in just four days) instantly earned a spot as one of my favourite bands upon their debut (with Battle Beast having an obvious parallel standing). I just can’t get enough of that in-your-face 80’s influence.

So, you can imagine the girly little sounds of unmanageable excitement when I first heard this shameless rendition of Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’. It’s cheesy, it’s epic, and I could see myself doing a training montage every time I listen to it.

Beast in Black – Eternal Fire (Nuclear Blast)

BONUS! – Hearts on Fire

Speaking of training montages, I can never talk about the 80’s without thinking about some of my favourite movies. Luckily for me, Rocky IV’s ‘Hearts on Fire’ fits right into this article. Here’s some extra motivational soul food for you. Enjoy!

(HD? HD my ass.)

Rocky IV – Hearts on Fire (Training Montage)

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Stay Metal \m/

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