Verdande – Verdande EP Review

Release Date8 February 2019
Record LabelIndependent

Verdande is a relatively new progressive metal five piece from Denmark. Their sound relies on energetic grooves, playful riffs, and heavy breakdowns, with ripping melodic guitar solos that are very well done. The band is super tight and not one section overtakes the other. Additionally, they prove their versatile musicianship in the pulled back sections throughout the album, which are very tasteful and not overdone. At times they sound like a heavier version of Amaranthe and a lighter version of Gojira.

These guys don’t fuck around. ‘Seeking Waiting or Hiding’ begins with a light acoustic run, before the first verse commences with an intense bang. If the powerful pounding of the first verse doesn’t instantly steal your attention, maybe the first breakdown will. And, if neither of those are enough, the pulled back section in the middle and accompanying facemelter will win you over as the shredding continues building into the final leg of the song.

My biggest problem with Verdande is Soren Sedit’s vocals, and it’s really less of a problem and more a matter of stylistic preference. His screams and growls sound as if they’re coming from the top of his head rather than his throat and results in an angsty screamo voice. In all honesty, it just annoys me.

The best song on the EP is ‘We Wait In The Fire’. The guitar riffs are fast and the song is driven by heavily syncopated rhythm shots. This song contains all the goodness of the entire setlist but amplified and with an even better solo.

All in all, this is a great taste of what Verdande has to offer. There isn’t much variety from song to song (which, with four tracks, isn’t a big deal in the slightest) but each song is dynamic and has plenty to offer. The guitar riffs and rhythm section are really solid and the solos are sick. Verdande has certainly made its way onto my radar and I look forward to their first full-length release, whenever that may be.

Verdande – We Wait In The Fire

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