News This Week (February Week 2)

February is shaping up to be a great month. Last week saw some incredible releases, including the debut of Sabaton History Channel as well as the new Beast In Black, and the momentum is set to continue through the month; a couple big records came out this week and symphonic titans Rhapsody of Fire’s The Eighth Mountain comes out next week.

But, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself! Here’s some noteworthy content that came out this week.

Sabaton History Channel 2

The second installment in Sabaton’s new History Channel has arrived. This one is about the Battle of Bannockburn: one of the greatest military comebacks in history, fought by the Scots and the British.

‘Blood of Bannockburn’, interestingly enough, is also Sabaton’s only song in a major key. And that, my friends, is also essential history.

Sabaton History 002 – Blood of Bannockburn

Iron Savior – Roaring Thunder

The second single for Iron Savior’s upcoming Kill or Get Killed is as electrifying as the first. It’s definitely a welcome addition to the blood-pumping iron we’ve grown to embrace of them, and it only makes me more excited for the album to come in early March.

Iron Savior – Roaring Thunder (AFM)

Rhapsody of Fire – Master of Peace

As I mentioned above, Rhapsody’s new album is only a week away. ‘Master Of Peace’ further hints that The Eighth Mountain will be different from their last few releases, which were underwhelming to say the least.

Rhapsody of Fire – Master of Peace (AFM)

Beast In Black – From Hell With Love (Music Video)

The Beast left us a nice Valentine’s Day gift in their new music video for the titular track of their new album. It’s catchy, cheesy, and is sure to pleasey.

Beast In Black – From Hell With Love (Nuclear Blast)


Avantasia – Moonglow

Tobias Sammet’s heavily anticipated rock opera project Moonglow is finally here. The record features a whole slew of fantastic guest vocalists, including Michael Kiske (Helloween), Candice Night, and Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids). The arrangements are full and lively and the vocals are incredibly done. There aren’t many moments when it feels like there isn’t enough going on.

Avantasia – Moonglow (Nuclear Blast)

Steel Raiser – Acciaio

Steel Raiser is tried-and-true classic metal. Acciaio contains no surprises; the beats are straightforward, the band is traditionally loose, and the dual guitars and vocal melodies are many. Go give it a listen for some no-bullshit headbanging.

Steel Raiser – Heavy Metal Hero (Iron Shield)

Against Myself – Unity

Spanish outfit Against Myself’s new record is very impressive. The musicians are all top-tier and the prog underbelly of the album’s symphonic atmosphere makes for a refined and dynamic experience. Despite its clear musical influences, such as Nightwish, Unity is entirely unique.

You can see the full review here.

Against Myself – Hero’s Soul (On Fire)

Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow for more content!

Stay Metal \m/

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