Meridian – Margin Of Error Review

Release Date22 Mar 2019
Record LabelMighty Music

In a world where mediocre and experimental metal outfits stir up a storm of over-saturation, Danish outfit Meridian’s third record, Margin Of Error, offers a journey that rarely strays from its course. There’s not a bad song on the album and there’s excellent musicianship displayed by all. There is a limited amount of variety in the song selection, but the album is nonetheless enjoyable.

The overall sound is heavy, with many classically-influenced dual guitar riffs, especially apparent in ‘Scream For Me’, and plenty of decent groves in songs such as ‘Circle The Drain’ and the titular track. However, not a lot really stick out and there’s nothing truly exceptional about the music.

Except for one thing. Martin Andersen’s guitar solos in don’t take any shit. He’s an absolute shredder. There are often multiple per song, but they never overtake the band or wear out their welcome. The guitar fx are applied tastefully and add some tasty flavour to the already awesome shredding.

A few solos deserve some special attention. Each ripping solo in ‘Disconnect’ is full of facemelting energy. The one in ‘Drowning The Miracle’ is interesting and, strangely enough, sounds like a Matt Bellamy solo (you know, before Muse sold out and started producing absolute fucking garbage). My personal favourite, however, is played in ‘The Fate Of Atlantis’; it may not be the best one on the record, but I really love well-done solos on slower tunes.

You know what, while I’m on the topic, I’d better mention the solos in ‘Scream For Me’ and ‘Margin Of Error’. And ‘In Nothingness’. And ‘Fragments Of A Life’. Fuck it. Just listen to all of them. They’re really good.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this album. It’s straightforward, it’s fun, and it’s true heavy metal. Lars Märker does a wonderful job with his strong, clean, and expressive vocals. The high point for me, obviously, is the colourful soloing. But, don’t take my word for it. Go check it out!

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