Iron Fire – Beyond The Void Review

GenreHeavy Metal
Release Date8 Mar 2019
Record LabelCrime

Let it be known that Iron Fire is king in the land of heavy metal. After twenty years in the forge, not a single one of their records has lost any heat, and they’ve perhaps hit the pinnacle of their career in their ninth: Beyond the Void. Each member of the trio shines bright and their mastery and cohesion don’t go unnoticed.

I’m not exaggerating when I say the songwriting is fantastic. No song sets into one feel, and the molten-hot solo sections, especially in titular track, have some serious underlying grooves. Honestly, while Kirk Backarach’s soloing is awesome, the rhythm section underneath is just as good. I mean, it’s to be expected that bandmates that’ve been together for as long as Iron Fire has will play incredibly well with each other. The melodies, both in the verses and choruses, are catchy and fun without becoming monotonous as the album goes on. Additionally, the production quality is the same as usual: slightly lo-fi (but never messy) with the bass absolutely cranked in the best way possible.

While each song carries a massive amount of weight, some are just fucking colossal. ‘To Hell and Back’ begins with a spine-splitting double-time beat until we’re met with Martin Steene’s rough vocals (which I think are used just the right amount), and the momentum carries on until its end. Another bone-crushingly heavy tune is ‘Wrong Turn’. If the blasting chorus isn’t enough for you, the solo section will surely get the job done.

Iron Fire’s Beyond the Void is the best heavy metal album I’ve heard in a long-ass time. It roars and bellows until its final breath and will definitely have you coming back time and time again. These heavy metal veterans show absolutely no sign of slowing down, and it’s greatly reassuring to see these guys continuously producing nothing but excellence.

Iron Fire – Beyond the Void (Crime Records)

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