Silent Saga – Rise! Review

GenreSymphonic/Power Metal
Release Date6 March 2018
Record LabelIndependent

I’m a bit late to this one, but it’s better late than never, especially in this case! Silent Saga’s debut album (well, not technically a debut, I suppose, since the band has been around since 2000 as Amazon) Rise! is, in a word, great. The best parts of the album are tucked away in the middle, but the surrounding tracks are still pretty fucking good.

Silent Saga is a talented bunch of musicians. The orchestrations and background parts are masterfully mixed and very well done. Sabrina Todt’s vocals are deliberate and clean, and they carry through the verses beautifully. My only problem with them (and it’s a small problem, really) is that there isn’t enough power in the choruses. Otherwise, she has a beautiful voice. The guitar solos are fairly tame, but when they do take off, in songs like ‘Prisoners of the Sea’, they’re incredible, to say the least.

The real highlight on this record, however, is Marcos Frassão’s awesome drumming. He lays down some sick grooves, especially in ‘The Path’ (which is altogether a fucking fantastic song), and they change seamlessly with each different section. Honestly, he sounds a lot more like a jazz drummer playing metal than a metal drummer playing metal. Aside from the raw skill, the drums never overtake the band and complement it wonderfully.

As far as songwriting goes, there’s a really solid foundation. However, I consistently found myself wanting a bit more from the music. The opener begins with a fair amount of energy and the intro builds well, but after the initial push the song doesn’t really go anywhere. Many of the tracks fall into the same trend. The pulled back parts are great, like in ‘Three Lives’, which adds a bit more depth, but the dynamics are mostly limited to low-mid, rather than low-mid-high. As a result, the songs aren’t one-dimensional but aren’t as dynamic as they could be.

RISE! is a great album with strong musicianship displayed by all. There’s nothing expressly bad about the record, but there is definitely room for growth and refinement, especially regarding strong hooks and clear climaxes. I’m eager to hear what Silent Saga puts out next, as I’m sure it will be even better.

Silent Saga – The Path

Vocals – Sabrina Todt
Guitars, Keyboards – Renato Angelo
Lead Guitar – Sander Gommans
Bass – Andre Pedral
Drums – Marcos Frassão
Orchestrations – Ivo Van Dijk

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