Silverheart – Destination Review

GenrePower Metal
Release Date5 Apr 2019
Record LabelIndependent

Four years have passed since Silverheart hit the power metal scene with Forsaken Words. Since then, the Argentinian outfit have sharply refined their skills and forged some seriously incredible metal in their latest album, Destination. It’s got everything that makes power metal great (amazing musicianship, melodic and uplifting choruses, cheesy electronic elements) without falling too far into any lyrical or stylistic cliches.

The record greets us with deep, Misty Mountainsy humming followed by an absolutely beautiful instrumental that builds right into the first true track. After the utter explosion of ‘The Fallen Ones” first beefy riffs, Destination takes many turns, backing right off into soft and emotional piano-driven tunes like ‘Four Moons for My Love’ and ‘By Your Side’, and kicking out some more typical power metal tracks like ‘Eleven’. There are plenty of electronic and keyboard parts that fit right in and add a ton of depth to the music. They lay down a few techno intros, like in ‘Until The End of Times’, and otherwise provide support with strings, orchestrations, and hot leads.

Aside from the expert mixing and variable songwriting, Silverheart’s lifeblood runs exceedingly strong. I mean, with a lineup that’s remained unchanged since the band’s founding in 2011, they had damn well better all have some skills to show for it! Although he sometimes sounds a bit funny due to his accent, vocalist Fernando Grandi has an impressive degree of versatility at his disposal. The guitars unleash excellent riffs and, more importantly, accompany the drums and bass with a strong feeling of cohesion that makes for some huge breakdowns and syncopated rhythm lines. Additionally, the soloing is great and there’s even a cool synth solo in the opener.

While I absolutely love every track on this record, one has earned its place as my favourite; ‘When Light Fades Away’ is the high point of the album. It’s super dynamic, the chorus has in-your-face pump-up synth lines underneath, and the breakdown is massive. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the Middle Eastern-tinged guitar solo has to be the best guitar solo on the entire album. Everything about this track highlights the band’s strengths and plays them as hard as possible.

Honestly, this album surprised the shit out of me. I wasn’t prepared to deal with such hard-hitting, ass-kicking power, so it’s needless to say how fucking thrilled I was upon my first listen. As soon as those first riffs hit you, you won’t be able to stop until you’ve gotten through the whole thing and hear the final soft instrumental of the finale. Silverheart has hit a goldmine with Destination.

Silverheart – Until The End of Times

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