Releases This Week (April Week 2)

Singles, singles, singles! No, not the sexy kind in your area, but the musical ones that are there for you when no one else is. I’ve fallen a bit behind recently, but now I’m mostly caught up with my metal, so here are the noteworthy releases of the week.

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Gloryhammer – Gloryhammer

To give us a taste of the upcoming Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex, power metal cheesemasters Gloryhammer have unveiled a selftitled single. It’s an extremely promising track, so don’t forget to check out Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex when it arrives on 31 May!

Gloryhammer – Gloryhammer (Napalm)

Aeternitas – Child of the Darkness

Symphonic/Gothic troupe Aeternitas have rerecorded ‘Child of the Darkness’, from their 2018 album Tales of the Grotesque, with new vocalist Alex Hunzinger. Hunzinger was already the band’s guitarist and backing vocalist but, after Oliver Bandmann’s departure, he took on the responsibility of lead vocals alongside Julia Marou.

The track is pretty poppy as far as gothic metal goes, but the instrumentation, steady rhythm guitars, and powerful dual vocals create an enjoyable and undoubtably-metal experience.

Aeternitas – Child of the Darkness (Massacre)

Deep Sun – Worship the Warship

Do you want to bang it out to futuristic symphonic metal that isn’t shitty pretentious bullshit? Look no further than Deep Sun. Somehow, this single is the first I’ve heard of them, but ‘Worship the Warship’ is nothing short of awesome. The electronic synths, heavy riffs, and melodic vocals of Debora Lavagnolo have me hooked and I can’t wait to check out their sophomore record, Das Erbe der Welt, which surfaces on 29 April!

Deep Sun – Worship the Warship (Massacre)

TIR – Lasciateci Fare

Italy’s leading true metal band TIR have put out another single for their upcoming Metal Shock, which will be available on 10 May. With TIR, the music’s super straightforward and what you see is what you get, but any fan of classic metal should give this track a listen.

Tir – Lasciateci Fare (Gates of Hell)

Visigoth – Fireseeker

Acclaimed heavy metal outfit Visigoth have unleashed a new single, ‘Fireseeker’, in anticipation of their upcoming EP. It’s exactly what’s to be expected of them: no-frills, badass heavy metal!

Visigoth took the metal world by storm last year with Conqueror’s Oath. Many critics praised it as one of the best (if not the best) metal albums of the year, which begs the question: will their upcoming Bells of Awakening live up to expectations? Check it out on 24 May and decide for yourself!

Visigoth – Fireseeker (Metal Blade)

Sweet Oblivion – True Colors

Frontiers Records has announced a new heavyweight metal project featuring original Queensryche vocalist Geoff Tate, entitled Sweet Oblivion. Spearheaded by the Italian guitarist Simone Mularoni (of the prog metal bands DGM, Empyrios), the project also consists of keyboardist Emanuele Casali (DGM, ex-Empyrios) and Paolo Caridi on drums.

The group’s first single, ‘True Colors’, has accompanied the announcement. Like the rest of the album, it aims for a sound similar to Queensryche’s older material. The self-titled album is set for release on 14 June.

Sweet Oblivion – True Colors (Frontiers)

Majestica – Rising Tide

Symphonic power metal outfit Majestica (formerly ReinXeed) have made a couple big announcements this week; they have released their first single, ‘Rising Tide’, of their upcoming album, as well as confirmed the title: Above the Sky. It’s straight-up, happy power metal, but I’m very excited to check out the full record on 7 June.

Majestica – Rising Tide (Nuclear Blast)

Tanith – Citadel

Heavy metal newcomers Tanith are soon to hit the scene with their debut record: In Another Time. But until 24 May hits us, we have ‘Citadel’ to give us a feel for what’s to come.

And, if I’m being completely honest, this is hard rock/heavy metal done superbly. The dual vocals of Cindy Maynard and Russ Tippins, colorful drums and old-school shredding are excellent and manage to stay away from being too derivative.

Tanith – Citadel (Metal Blade)

Floating Worlds – The Curse

The dissonant second single for Floating World’s upcoming concept album is a choir-fueled, dooming ride. With so much diversity between this and Floating World’s other music that has already been released from Battleship Oceania, it’s certain that 17 May will feature an exciting adventure!

Floating Worlds – The Curse (Pride & Joy)

Albums and EPs

Solarus – Darkest Days

When I first heard Solarus’ debut album, Reunion, back in 2017, I was instantly hooked. Sarah Dee’s sharp, strong vocals instantly caught my attention and the blatant skill this band displayed had me eagerly awaiting what they’d come up with next.

And, holy shit, did they ever deliver. I was expecting a great album, but Darkest Days is on another level; it’s taken everything that I loved from the first record and made it exponentially better. The female-fronted power metal they’ve produced is dynamic, impressive, and just an all-around fucking blast!

Check out my review here!

Solarus – Requiem for the Fallen

Valence – Cognitive Dissidents

Valence are an incredibly talented group of instrumental proggers. Cognitive Dissidents is fun, fluid, and will take you for a fucking ride! The whole album has a bouncy feel to it and is stylistically closer to jam/jazz fusion in the breath of early Snarky Puppy, but obviously much heavier. Regardless of genre, you can tell that these guys absolutely love what they’re doing

Want the review? Here you go.

Valence – Cognitive Dissidents

Northwind Saga – Mythological World (EP)

For the life of me, I couldn’t find this fucking EP anywhere. Despite the fact that I still haven’t actually listened to it because Japanese music is, for some stupid reason, intentionally elusive, this trailer is great and I want more.

So, obviously, no review for this one (yet!).

Northwind Saga – Mythological World Trailer

Oh, and, here’s this week’s Sabaton History! This one’s a bit different from the others; it covers the Battle of Verdun, from Sabaton’s upcoming album The Great War! The single is set to release on 3 May, so until then, this is all we get to go off!

Sabaton HIstory 010 – Fields of Verdun

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