TIR – Metal Shock Review

GenreHeavy Metal (Traditional)
Release Date10 May 2019
Record LabelGates of Hell

Surfacing from the depths of the underground for the first time in eight years, Italian classic metal legends TIR have released their second album, Metal Shock. You might be thinking, “Come on, they can’t be that good if it’s taken so long to release just their second album.” Let me assure you, though, that TIR are worth their weight (which is fucking heavy, by the way) in gold. While they did form all the way back in the 80s, TIR have always preferred to focus more on live shows than to bust out an album every two years to acquire commercial success. As a result of this exclusive, in-person approach to heavy metal, their shows are hotly anticipated in their hometown of Rome.

So, it’s pretty fortunate that we, the international metal community, have the opportunity to get our hands on Metal Shock. The old school, melodic, unadulterated heavy metal that is found within will be an instant hit with fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and DIO (which had damn-fucking-well be all of you out there).

For most traditional metal albums, I find myself scoring them either a four or an eight, with any variance being pretty rare. Since the entire point of the genre is to basically do what’s been done before, my criticism tends to be limited to either “they executed it well” or “it’s derivative bullshit”. TIR’s Metal Shock is no exception to this, but it does come out on the positive side.

The dual guitar work is great and the drums are actually reasonably adventurous rather than getting locked into the same shitty 4/4 beat the entire time. The vocals kick ass and the basslines are clear. Using the premium fuel that the band produces, each song is energetic, catchy, and has a high degree of headbangability behind it. Beyond all of that, however, I don’t have much else to say about this record.

There’s nothing exceptional about Metal Shock and it’s pretty lean in the variety department but it’s classic metal done well, plain and simple. Make sure you bang out Metal Shock at least once, because it’s a sick ride.

TIR – Lasciateci Fare

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