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You may have noticed by now that I use the word “week” loosely. Oh, well. If you’re pissed about it, shoot me a message. I won’t take it personally.

Some great new metal has come out lately, so let’s get to it!


Hidden Lapse – The Letter “0”

Female-fronted power prog outfit Hidden Lapse is less than two weeks from the release of their sophomore album, Butterflies. It’s a darker take on power prog that sounds strikingly similar to the also-new Canadian outfit, Solarus, who released their second album, Darkest Days, in April.

Their latest single, ‘The Letter “0”‘, came out this week and, as someone who’s heard the album already, I can tell you that it sums up the album pretty concisely.

Hidden Lapse – The Letter “0” (Rockshots)

Unprocessed – Fear

I had never heard of this band until this single, but it gave me the incessant need to go and listen to their first three albums as soon as humanly possible. My favourite part of ‘Fear’ is that sick groove in the beginning and end, and I really hope the rest of Unprocessed’s songs carry on in like fashion.

This single is from their upcoming album, Artificial Void, which comes out 9 August.

Unprocessed – Fear (Long Branch)

ArnoCorps – Welcome to the Gym! (Dual-Sided Single)

ArnoCorps are an Austrian heavy metal band with lyrical themes of masculine 80s badassery and, at the peak of these traits, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This week they dropped two gym-themed tracks. They lack the sort of usual 80s-infused cheese that you expect from songs like this, but they’re still worth checking out once or twice.

ArnoCorps – Dead Lift (Alternative Tentacles)
ArnoCorps – Scavenger Hunt (Alternative Tentacles)

Albums and EPs

Haunt – If Icarus Could Fly

Even though their debut was less than a year ago (followed by an EP a few months ago), Haunt have already released their second full-length album. Clearly, the band have wasted absolutely no time in dishing out yet another hefty serving of late-80s speed metal, and they don’t even suffer a bit for it. If Icarus Could Fly is genuine, energetic, and super heavy.

Nearly all of the guitar solos fly with musical madness. The vocal effects and crunchy guitars are sometimes reminiscent of Ozzy, but Haunt manages to steer clear of derivative tropes, instead driving hard with relatively inspired riffs. The short run time allows the album to run relentlessly throughout its entirety, making If Icarus Could Fly a lean, mean, metal machine.

Haunt – If Icarus Could Fly (Shadow Kingdom)

Grimgotts – Dragons of the Ages

Grimgott’s second album to date, Dragons of the Ages is by no means a genre-shattering album. Its sound is what I like to describe as “adventure metal”, because it’s an epic, nautical-themed symphonic power metal album. While it follows most of the power metal tropes fairly closely, the band have managed to make something original, super fun, and immensely uplifting. Fans of Power Quest, Twilight Force, Alestorm, and Galderia will love this album.

Read the full review here.

Grimgotts – Ancient Waters

Floating Worlds – Battleship Oceania

Battleship Oceania is Floating Worlds’ first attempt at a concept album and rock opera. And, in a lot of ways, they absolutely nail it. Their epic, larger-than-live orchestrations and melodies capture the story of a legendary battleship and its crew, and the musicianship is simply excellent.

However, the album suffers greatly from over-indulged orchestrations at times as well as an excess of music itself. Too many of the songs come along with a hefty serving of fat, which waters down much of the effect that the album attempts to induce. It’s a great album that’s worth listening to, but it isn’t without its flaws.

If you want to read my review, click here!

Floating Worlds – Retribution (Pride & Joy)

Amulet – The Inevitable War

Blasting forth with a fresh lineup, Amulet’s sophomore record is an exceptional work of classic metal. The Inevitable War takes the band to new heights and offers what is sure to be a contender for the best classic metal album of the year.

There’s really nothing to dislike. The mixing is flawless, the band is exceptionally talented, and the music simply bleeds energy. Each anthemic chorus hits with a similar impact as classic Manowar, and the galloping rhythm section chugs away with the likeness of Iron Maiden.

You can read the rest of my praise of the album here!

Amulet – Burning Hammer (Dissonance)

Pythia – The Solace of Ancient Earth

The Solace of Ancient Earth is the first album I’ve ever heard from Pythia. And, to be honest, I didn’t expect much from it. It’s not often that an independent female-fronted symphonic metal band has anything new to offer, but Pythia is something special. Within The Solace of Ancient Earth we encounter a powerful female lead, superb orchestrations, an excellent rhythm section, and emotional, inspired power metal.

No review for this one yet, but it’s coming!

Pythia – Spirits of the Trees (

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to go listen to some (or all) of these great albums!

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