Top Ten Metal Albums Of June

For the first time this year, I can honestly say that picking the top ten albums from this month was actually pretty easy. June was comparatively leaner than earlier months of the year, and a few big projects such as Timo Tolkki’s Avalon and Sweet Oblivion feat Geoff Tate failed to deliver anything more than disappointment, so that thinned out the potential choices even more.

That being said, every album on this list is worthy of being in a Top Ten, so make sure to check them out!

10. Ravensire – A Stone Engraved in Red

Coming up on the bottom of the list are Portuguese heavy metallers Ravensire with their third record, A Stone Engraved in Red. It’s nothing revolutionary (heavy metal never is), but it’s a solid fucking piece of metal. The throaty vocals bellow with the intensity of a canon and the rhythm section is tight and clear. Needless to say, it’s good old, gritty classic metal.

Ravensire – A Stone Engraved in Red (Cruz del Sur)

9. Mighty Thor – Ragnarok

Another third album, Mighty Thor’s comeback, Ragnarok, is a seriously destructive force. For an epic power metal album, it actually delivers a fair amount of variety, which is super rare to see in the genre. Aside from that, the sheer intensity and skill are enough to pump you up and put a smile on your face.

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8. Stille Volk – Milharis

Shifting gears a bit, Stille Volk’s Milharis is quite a bit more mellow and dark than the previous two. Stille Volk is one folk band that seems to only get better with time, and the band’s maturity really shows here. Milharis only lightly touches the metal line, and instead focuses on creating rich folk atmospheres, whether it’s in the energetic drive of ‘Incantation Mystique’ or the more mysterious, foreboding ‘Le Crepuscule du Patre’. At times it’s dissonant and spooky, and at times it’s outright dooming, but it’s a nice change of pace from my usual balls-to-the-wall synth-laden power metal.

Stille volk – Incantation Mystique (Auerbach Tontrager)

7. Diviner – Realms of Time

One of the few Greek power metal bands to break out past the “big in Greece” barrier, Diviner’s sophomore album is another excellent display of the country’s trademark heavy/power metal. It’s full of huge riffs, strong and raspy vocals, and energetic melodies. Despite never falling into an overabundance of keys or choirs, as is typical of power metal, Realms of Time manages to pack a massive punch throughout its entirety.

Diviner – Heaven Falls (Ulterium)

6. Merging Flare – Revolt Regime

Finnish melodic metal outfit Merging Flare have reignited for the first time in nearly eight years to bring us Revolt Regime. It’s hot, heavy, and hard as steel, but still maintains that beautiful, cocaine-fueled sense of fun that made 80s heavy metal so fucking awesome. The album features Beast in Black’s Kasperi Heikkinen (guitars), so it’s no surprise that Merging Flare is in the same realm of badass, pump-up, cheer-along metal as the Beast.

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Merging Flare – Alliance in Defiance (Ram It Down)

5. Cremisi – Dawn of a New Era

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty sceptical about this album at first. I mean, what should I expect from a debut album that claims to be “symphonic folk metal”? I was full on expecting just another power metal album with minor folk melodies (which, by the way, I would never consider to be “symphonic folk metal”, thus my skepticism) from a band who was just trying to label itself as unique.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Dawn of a New Era is definitely what I would call symphonic folk metal, and it’s a damn good combination of the two. The orchestrations are pretty light and work very well in the background and we’re met with the occasional power metal section around what is mostly a very Falconer-ish brand of folk metal. Also, I can’t say I’ve ever heard something like this before, so Cremisi get some bonus points for actually standing out from the crowd!

Cremisi – Battle of Lepanto (Volcano)

4. Freternia – The Gathering

Looks like this was the month of comeback albums, because Freternia’s the Gathering is the third one on this list! I don’t have all that much to say about this one (without regurgitating my actual review, that is) other than it’s kickass power metal to the core without being your baseline, typical power metal album.

Full Review

Freternia – Dark Vision (Rock of Angels)

3. Moonlight Haze – De Rerum Natura

Swooping in at number three is Moonlight Haze’s debut, De Rerum Natura, which is easily the best symphonic metal album of the year so far. Featuring current and former members of Elvenking, Sound Storm, and Temperance, Moonlight Haze masterfully combine elements of Far Eastern folk, jazz, and orchestral with power metal and various vocal styles, allowing for an unmatched and widely-dynamic experience. This is far from your typical female fronted symphonic metal.

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Moonlight Haze – Ad Astra (Scarlet)

2. Chaos Magic – Furyborn

Caterina Nix’s second installment of Chaos Magic is, quite simply, amazing. Written alongside Chilean musician Nasson, Furyborn is a far cry from its predecessor and exchanged its typical symphonic metal sound for a more original, albeit poppy, take on melodic metal. It’s full of sick guitars, killer melodies, and boundless attitude. Make sure that you do not miss this album!

Full Review

Chaos Magic – I’m Your Cancer (Frontiers)

1. Majestica – Above the Sky

If you even kind of know what PowerThorn is about, this should hardly come as a surprise. Ultimately cheesy, no-holds-barred, whimsical power metal? Yup, that pretty much wins it. The “debut” album of Majestica (I say “debut” because they were formerly named ReinXeed) is undoubtedly all of those things. Between the excellent songwriting, guitar skills, and vocal proficiency of Tommy Johansson (who is also in Sabaton. Busy fucker) and the outright ridiculousness of songs like ‘Night Call Girl’ and ‘Father Time’, Above the Sky is truly a power metal album for the ages.

Full Review

Majestica – Night Call Girl (Nuclear Blast)

Think I missed something or included something that doesn’t deserve to be here? Let me know! I’m open to revisions!

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