TraumeR – History Review

GenrePower Metal
Release Date5 July 2019
Record LabelRock of Angels

Even though it’s already been out in Japan for just over a year, TraumeR’s third record, History, is finally ready to be heard by the international power metal community. While it doesn’t venture too far from the power metal norm, History will still be a hit for any fan of the genre. Soaring vocal lines, tight rhythm section, fast-paced double kicks; at the end of the day, these are the things that are looked for in a power metal album, and on this front, TraumeR deliver.

One thing that does separate it from the likes of Victorius and Freedom Call is the mixing. It’s typical to have a clean tone in the genre, but, more often than not, the bass is entirely absent from the mix. Thankfully, History‘s bass is beefed up and there’s a pretty drastic separation between each individual part so, as far as instrumental separation goes, this album is excellent.

Moving along to the actual music of the album, everything is cohesive and energetic, but there’s nothing truly impressive happening. The drums, rhythm guitar, melodies, and keyboard lines are pretty straightforward, and the song structure follows in like suit. There are great solos by both keyboards and guitars, but, again, none of it blew my mind.

There’s a good enough amount of variety that you can actually listen to the entire album without feeling like you wasted an hour listening to the same song over and over, so that’s definitely a good thing. Seriously, it seems like half of the power metal (and symphonic metal) albums I’ve listened to in the past few months have been the same fucking thing over and over and over. So, when a band like this (despite not delivering anything new) manages to create an actual album’s worth of variable music, it’s a breath of fresh air.

It’s not revolutionary by any stretch, but History is a great power metal album. I can definitely see why TraumeR have been relatively successful in Japan, and I think that the rest of the world will dig this album just as much.

TraumeR – Guardians of Time (Rock of Angels)

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