Galneryus – Into The Purgatory Review

GenreNeoclassical Power Metal
Release Date23 October 2019
Record LabelWarner Music Japan

The finest neoclassical power metal band east of the Silk Road have unleashed yet another album of facemelting ferocity. Into the Purgatory is the twelfth album to come from the mighty Galneryus and, despite such a long career, it lives up to the band’s glory, and then some. A slice of Galneryus’ neoclassical edge has been swapped for a bit more of a progressive influence this time around so, while you can still expect a hyper-melodic work of shred insanity, it’s different enough from their other albums to keep things feeling new.

The band begins with a super Dream Theatery instrumental and a floating melody that feeds directly into the second track, with a similar melody occurring in the closer. As if the all-out enthusiasm and energy of the album weren’t enough for me, I have a soft spot for wraparound melodies. They’re such a nice touch. Anyway, the rest of the album offers plenty of ups, downs, time changes, fast 16-note runs, and aggressive keyboard runs to keep you on your toes. Oh, plus, it’s also relentlessly fast, but you knew that already, right?

As usual, though, Galneryus’ highlight in Into the Purgatory is the unmatched guitarwork of Syu (who also released a solo album earlier this year in February, which was just as fucking crazy as this one). Between breakneck shredding, unstoppable riffage (‘The Followers’), and soloing that’s in a class of its own, Syu delivers nothing but gold for the albums entirety. Some of my favourite solos can be found in ‘Fighting of Eternity’ and ‘The End of the Line’, but they’re all just ridiculous.

In short, Into the Purgatory is just another excellent album from a band that’s never given anything less. Despite a consistent melodic structure, there’s enough variety to keep the entire album exciting, and the sheer skill the band has at their disposal is, frankly, staggering. Be sure give this one a listen because it’s sure to make a few Album of the Year lists.

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