Symphonic Metal: Seven Spires Announce Sophomore Album For 2020

Fresh from Boston, the female-fronted Seven Spires is soon to unveil their sophomore album, Emerald Seas. This will be the band’s first release under Frontiers Music, with their debut having been released through Black Ray.

Along with the announcement of Emerald Skies, Seven Spires have released ‘Succumb’.

Based on this energetic track (and the solo), my hopes are high for the new album!

Vocalist Adrienne Cowan on the new single:
“‘Succumb’ was written in the heart of Boston while we were still attending Berklee. As many of our songs do, it began as vocals and piano, and then we fleshed out the rest of the arrangement together. I suppose everyone has their own experiences and hopefully will interpret the lyrics to the song in their own way, but in the story of Emerald Seas, the main character has departed on their long journey and is indulging in memories of someone quite special instead of focusing on their quest. It’s a bittersweet tone… but aren’t they all?”

01. Igne Defendit
02. Ghost Of A Dream
03. No Words Exchanged
04. Every Crest
05. Unmapped Darkness
06. Succumb
07. Drowner Of Worlds
08. Silvery Moon
09. Bury You
10. Fearless
11. With Love From The Other Side
12. The Trouble With Eternal Life
13. Emerald Seas Overture

The band on Emerald Seas:
“Musically, Emerald Seas is influenced by our usual mix of melodic and extreme metal favorites and Hans Zimmer worship. We immersed ourselves deeply in 19th Century Romantic music and art while writing this record, and I like to think some traits from that era are present as a result. It’s highly emotional; sweet and melodic at times, and quite dark and brutal at others, especially when dealing with themes like losing one’s fear of death.”

Emerald Seas will be released on 14 February 2020. It will be a concept album and prequel to Seven Spires’ debut, Solveig.

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