Power Metal: Niviane Announce New Keyboardist And New Album

Emerging US power metallers Niviane have had a lot of interesting developments. First, the band have announced the immersion of keyboardist Aaron Robitsch into the band’s main lineup. Robitsch played the keyboard parts for Niviane’s 2017 debut, The Druid King, so this was a fairly natural move.

Vocalist Norman L Skinner III on the new addition:
“A lot of thought went into the decision to add another member to the band. The writing chemistry was already there and he got along great with each and every one of us. During the last couple tours, we had noticed a pattern of bands running live keyboard tracks and we were even tinkering with the idea of doing that as well. However, we like to be a bit more organic in our live shows and decided it was a no brainer to have Aaron onboard permanently. Our fans may recognize Aaron Robitsch from his projects Crepuscle & Graveshadow.”

Additionally, Niviane have disclosed the artwork and tracklist for their upcoming album, The Ruthless Divine, which is set to come out in Spring 2020.

01. League of Shadows
02. Crown of Thorns
03. Dreams Crash Down
04. The Ruthless Divine
05. Fires In The Sky
06. Fallen From Elysium
07. Forgotten Centurion
08. Niviane
09. Psychomanteum
10. Sinking Ships
11. Like Lions

The album artwork is the design of freelance illustrator Dusan Markovic.

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