Symphonic Metal: Diabulus In Musica Announce New Album

Spanish symphonic metal quartet Diabulus In Musica are soon to release their fifth album. Euphonic Entropy is set to be released on 14 February through Napalm Records, whom the band have been with since their sophomore album.

Accompanying this news is the album’s first single, ‘Otoi’, which delivers a rich folk sound over top its traditional Basque themes.

The band on the new single and video:
“‘Otoi’ is a special song to us because it is entirely sung in Basque, our local language, one of the oldest languages in Europe and the only pre-indoeuropean one that is still alive. “Otoi” means “prayer”, in this case to the ancient gods of Basque mythology: Urtzi and Amari who represent the sky and its mother, the Earth, respectively. It is a kind of lament around the loss of our cultural identity throughout the time due to different threats. The video was recorded in a 16th century Basque farmhouse which is now a key heritage object of the region.”

01. A Lucid Chaos 
02. Race to Equilibrium 
03. Nuevo Rumbo 
4. The Misfit’s Swing 
05. In Quest of Sense 
06. Otoi
07. Blurred Dreams 
08. On the Edge 
09. Our Last Gloomy Dance 
10. One Step Higher 
11. Blind Muse 
12. In the Vortex

The band on Euphonic Entropy:
“After three intense years, we’re finally back with probably our heaviest and most convincing album so far. We can’t wait to share the new songs with you all! We think they are fresh, diverse, energetic and a new step in DIM’s history. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our very first album than coming back with our strongest effort.

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