Diabulus In Musica – Euphonic Entropy Review

GenreSymphonic Power Metal
Release Date15 February 2020
Record LabelNapalm

While some people can’t seem to keep their marriage from falling the fuck apart for more than a week, husband-and-wife combo Zuberoa Azn├írez and Gorka Elso have released the fifth album of their band, Diabulus In Musica. Euphonic Entropy is an absolute monster of a symphonic metal album, delivering emotion, variety, and energy in equal parts. Every song is a mixed bag, so you can be damn sure that this album will exceed expectations.

Euphonic Entropy has a little bit of everything: electronics, choirs, orchestrations, folk instruments, rough vocals, colossal guitars. What’s more, these elements are all actually tastefully integrated into a chunky metal backdrop to create epic atmospheres and massive soundscapes, with the occasional light moment. It’s lean in the solo department (entirely devoid of solos, in fact), but the heavy grooves, breakdowns, and instrumentation are rich enough that it isn’t an issue. The guitars and female vocals are both captivating enough as it is, so it’s probably for the best to be solo-free.

Now, while the album as a whole is cohesively incredible, there’s one song that I seriously can’t get enough of. ‘The Misfit’s Swing’, as you probably guessed from the title, is a metal swing track. Actually, let me clarify; ‘The Misfit’s Swing’ is the fucking epitome of metal swing and is everything I want in such a song. God damn. I want an entire genre of this shit. Yeah, there’s the odd band like Diablo Swing Orchestra that does it, but, man. This track is something else. It satisfies both the metalhead and the jazzman in me.

Fortunately, Euphonic Entropy has so much more to offer than just one killer song. There’s the ballad ‘Blurred Dreams, the Eluveitie-esque ‘Otoi’, and a flowwy symphonic-only track, plus a healthy dose of chugging, pounding, backbreaking metal. If you want modern symphonic metal done right, look no further.

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