Metal Release Calendar: January, February, March

1 January

MacAllister Project – Samadhi (Folk Power Metal)

Cygnus Atratus – The Empyrean Heaven (Progressive Power Metal)

Shredistic – Adrift (Progressive Metal)

Oath – Legacy (Heavy Metal)

Miwa – Hell Is Real (Heavy Metal)

Ingott – Na cestě do nebe stavil jsem se v pekle (Heavy Metal)

Tetsuya Mitani – Cry No More ‘Counter Attack’ (Power Metal/Shred) [EP]

Mandrágora – Nocturnal Rites (Heavy Metal) [EP]

4 January

In Victory – Power of the Enlightened (Power Metal) [EP]

Penumbra – Silencio (Progressive Power Metal)

5 January

Forsaken Warriors – Escaping Hell (Heavy Metal)

Hellhoundz – The Battle of the Somme (Heavy Metal)

Landmine – Pioneer’s Destiny (Heavy Power Metal)

Holysword – Knights of Vyria (Power Metal) [EP]

7 January

Amoushbard – Mithra (Progressive Metal)

Dyscordia – Delete / Rewrite (Progressive Metal)

10 January

Brothers of Metal – Emblas Saga (Power Metal)

Arkhanon – Capitulo IV (Astral) (Power Metal)

Hyldia – Valkyrie (Power Metal)

Raging Fate – Bloodstained Gold (Power Metal)

The Mystic Forest – Ancient Woods (Ambient Symphonic Metal)

Haunt – Mind Freeze (Heavy Metal)

Rage – Wings of Rage (Speed Metal)

Ingrimm – Auf Gedeih und Verderb (Folk Metal)

Aereum – Tempest of Time (Folk Metal)

14 January

Raven Heretic – Under the Sign (Heavy Metal)

Draconian Remains – The First Crusade (Heavy Metal)

Vocifer – Boiuna (Heavy Metal)

Андем – Моя игра (Power Metal)

17 January

Sons of Apollo – MMX (Progressive Metal)

Victorius – Space Ninjas from Hell (Power Metal)

Darktribe – Voici l’homme (Power Metal)

Dragonlore – Lucifer’s Descent (Heavy Power Metal)

Helldown – In Deaths Hands (Heavy Metal)

Mindless Sinner – Poltergeist (Heavy Metal)

Windmill – Dance of Fire and Freedom (Progressive Folk Metal)

18 January

Last Drakma – Spiritual War (Power Metal)

Fabula Rasa – Through the Molten Eye (Folk Power Metal) [EP]

24 January

Elegy of Madness – Invisible World (Symphonic Metal)

SWMM – Trail of the Fallen (Symphonic Folk Metal)

Ironsword – Servants of Steel (Heavy Power Metal)

Temperance – Viridian (Melodic Metal)

Thoughts Factory – Elements (Progressive Metal)

Wolfpakk – Nature Strikes Back (Heavy Metal)

29 January

Shadowquest – Gallows of Eden (Power Metal)

Lovebites – Electric Pentagram (Heavy Power Metal)

31 January

Amberian Dawn – Looking for You (Melodic Metal)

Invictus – Eden (Heavy Power Metal)

Serenity – The Last Knight (Progressive Symphonic Metal)

Serious Black – Suite 226 (Power Metal)

5 February

Hauk – Red Tail Rising (Folk Metal)

Nightfear – Apocalypse (Heavy Power Metal)

7 February

Delain – Apocalypse and Chill (Melodic Metal)

Ironflame – Blood Red Victory (Heavy Power Metal)

Operose – Oceans of Starlight (Progressive Symphonic Metal)

Kanseil – Cant del corlo (Folk Metal) [EP]

14 February

Anvil – Legal at Last (Heavy Power Metal)

Seven Spires – Emerald Seas (Symphonic Metal)

Diabulus In Musica – Euphonic Entropy (Symphonic Metal)

21 February

Demons & Wizards – III (Power Metal)

Secret Rule – Against (Melodic Metal)

Throne of Iron – Adventure One (Heavy Metal)

Verikalpa – Tuoppitanssi (Folk Metal)

6 March

Almanac – Rush of Death (Symphonic Power Metal)

Burning Witches – Dance with the Devil (Heavy Power Metal)

20 March

Beneath My Sins – I Decide (Symphonic Metal)

27 March

Aevum – Multiverse (Symphonic Metal)

Scarlet Aura – Stormbreaker (Symphonic Metal)