Symphonic Metal: New ‘Noise’ From Nightwish

Symphonic metal titans Nightwish have released the first new single to their upcoming album. ‘Noise’ is quite obviously a commentary on modern society and, while I find it a touch pretentious, it’s a pretty good track.

Sorta reminds me how Imaginaerum would sound if it had Floor Jansen on vocals rather than Anette Olzon.

Oh, speaking of pretentious, the title of Nightwish’s ninth album is Hvman. :II: Natvre.. I’m not saying I’m not excited, because any new Nightwish release is worthy to me, but, come on. I can’t just ignore something like that.

01. Music
02. Noise
03. Shoemaker
04. Harvest
05. Pan
06. How’s the Heart?
07. Procession
08. Tribal
09. Endlessness

The album will be released on 10 April. If the rest of it sounds as good as this single, it’ll be a powerhouse!

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