Magic Kingdom – MetAlmighty Review

GenrePower Metal
Release Date22 November 2019
Record LabelAFM

As a rule of thumb, I never make any early judgments about an album until I’m at least two songs in (well, three if we’re counting the typical two-minute-orchestration first track that pollutes power metal). It gives me a chance to get away from any sort of propulsion the band hoped to gain with the first song and into what is usually a more accurate representation of the album as a whole. In the case of Magic Kingdom’s MetAlmighty, this proved to be a good precaution on my part, because, if I took that first track too seriously, I would have lost all interest. It has a strong intro, as well as a few worthwhile moments, but in the grand scheme of the album, it’s disorganized and the chorus is weak.

But, get passed ‘Unleash the Dragon’ and the real dragon appears! Sick riffs, headbangable beats, powerful melodies, and absolutely insane solos await you in a fiery keep. Your journey is led by the famed Michael Vescera (Obsession, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen), who is lending his vocals to Magic Kingdom for the first time. Also joining you on this epic quest for mighty metal are axeman/band founder Dushan Petrossi, bassist Vassili Moltchanov (both of Iron Mask), and Ark Ascent drummer Michael Brush. Together, they unleash eleven dynamic tracks that are sure to satiate even the pickier power metalhead.

Now, before we get to the rest of the good stuff, let’s finish off the not-so-good. As I mentioned before, the album starts at a low point. Unfortunately, MetAlmighty finishes on a similar note in ‘King Without a Crown’. It’s a decent track and I especially love the chorus, but it’s an underwhelming farewell to an otherwise hard-hitting album. Additionally, the production quality is. . . iffy at times, but it’s not an issue too often.

Other than that, though, this album kicks all sorts of fantasy ass. It rides forth with cheesy lyrics in a wide variety of dynamic tracks. The overall sound is grittier than a lot of modern power metal, which helps separate Magic Kingdom from the crowd (despite having one of the most unoriginal names in metal history). MetAlmighty may not be the best that Magic Kingdom’s ever put out, but it’s certainly worth giving a spin.

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Eight More Power Metal Songs Born Of Fire

Looking for some more heat this snowy season? If you’ve already exhausted the first fiery metal tracks, warm back up with these! I’m sure I could make a hundred of these lists due to the frequency of fire in power metal, but (despite my burning urges) I’ll settle for just one more. For now, anyway.

Hammerfall – Hearts on Fire

‘Hearts on Fire’ is a pretty recognizable classic at this point. It’s a hard pump up tune, and the pulled back section at the end amplifies the already-driving final chorus.

On another note, I could have very well included the music video in my Ridiculous Power Metal Music Videos article solely due to the surplus of skeletons and lack of fire.

Hammerfall – Hearts On Fire (Nuclear Blast)

Symphony X – Kiss of Fire

For a band whose lineup has been consistent for the better part of twenty years, Symphony X still manages to produce some heavy bangers. From their 2015 album Underworld, ‘Kiss of Fire’ is a hot slab of symphonic prog that’ll burn you with its intensity.

Symphony X – Kiss Of Fire (Nuclear Blast)

Thornbridge – Ember in the Winter Grove

‘Ember in the Winter Grove’ is by far the newest release on this list (8 February, in fact). Thornbridge’s Theatrical Masterpiece is an excellent piece of work (you can check out my review of it here), and this song sums it up very well. It’s 6/8 grooves are extremely well done, largely because of the drums, and the chanting chorus is mighty and epic.

Thornbridge – Ember in the Winter Grove (Massacre Records)

Brothers of Metal – Fire Blood and Steel

It’s been almost two years since The Brothers of Metal graced us with their debut album. Prophecy of Ragnarok is full of blood-boiling pump up tracks, and ‘Fire Blood and Steel’ is no exception. It’s incredibly heavy bass sound and thumping energy will have you shamelessly crying out to with the Sons of Odin.

Brothers of Metal – Fire Blood and Steel

Iron Mask – Feel the Fire

‘Feel the Fire’ is far from the best song on this list, but it’s certainly the heaviest. The rhythm section commands a harsh energy and Dushan Petrossi’s soloing skills are absolutely killer.

Feel the Fire – Iron Mask (AFM Records)

Dragonland – Fire and Brimstone

This song is incredibly dynamic and the drumwork is fantastic. Not only is it a top fire song, but it should instantly make its way into your favourite playlists.

Dragonland – Fire and Brimstone (AFM Records)

Seven Kingdoms – Flame of Olympus

Female-fronted Seven Kingdoms never fails to impress. ‘Flame of Olympus’ burns with heavy riffs and a driving beat that never stops. Topped with a hot guitar solo and Sabrina Valentine’s even hotter vocals, this song easily pounded its way onto the list.

Seven Kingdoms – Flame of Olympus (Nightmare Records)

Crystal Viper – Fire Be My Gates

This one’s not power metal, but I think it still belongs here. Crystal Viper is easily one of my favourite classic metal bands. I can’t get enough of Marta Gabriel’s attitude and rough vocals and the heart of the band never strays away from being true metal. Their production quality, dual vocals, and chugging choruses are straight from the 80s and ‘Fire Be My Gates’ is one of their best.

Crystal Viper – Fire Be My Gates (AFM Records)

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