Metal Release Calendar: January, February, March

1 January

MacAllister Project – Samadhi (Folk Power Metal)

Cygnus Atratus – The Empyrean Heaven (Progressive Power Metal)

Shredistic – Adrift (Progressive Metal)

Oath – Legacy (Heavy Metal)

Miwa – Hell Is Real (Heavy Metal)

Ingott – Na cestě do nebe stavil jsem se v pekle (Heavy Metal)

Tetsuya Mitani – Cry No More ‘Counter Attack’ (Power Metal/Shred) [EP]

Mandrágora – Nocturnal Rites (Heavy Metal) [EP]

4 January

In Victory – Power of the Enlightened (Power Metal) [EP]

Penumbra – Silencio (Progressive Power Metal)

5 January

Forsaken Warriors – Escaping Hell (Heavy Metal)

Hellhoundz – The Battle of the Somme (Heavy Metal)

Landmine – Pioneer’s Destiny (Heavy Power Metal)

Holysword – Knights of Vyria (Power Metal) [EP]

7 January

Amoushbard – Mithra (Progressive Metal)

Dyscordia – Delete / Rewrite (Progressive Metal)

10 January

Brothers of Metal – Emblas Saga (Power Metal)

Arkhanon – Capitulo IV (Astral) (Power Metal)

Hyldia – Valkyrie (Power Metal)

Raging Fate – Bloodstained Gold (Power Metal)

The Mystic Forest – Ancient Woods (Ambient Symphonic Metal)

Haunt – Mind Freeze (Heavy Metal)

Rage – Wings of Rage (Speed Metal)

Ingrimm – Auf Gedeih und Verderb (Folk Metal)

Aereum – Tempest of Time (Folk Metal)

14 January

Raven Heretic – Under the Sign (Heavy Metal)

Draconian Remains – The First Crusade (Heavy Metal)

Vocifer – Boiuna (Heavy Metal)

Андем – Моя игра (Power Metal)

17 January

Sons of Apollo – MMX (Progressive Metal)

Victorius – Space Ninjas from Hell (Power Metal)

Darktribe – Voici l’homme (Power Metal)

Dragonlore – Lucifer’s Descent (Heavy Power Metal)

Helldown – In Deaths Hands (Heavy Metal)

Mindless Sinner – Poltergeist (Heavy Metal)

Windmill – Dance of Fire and Freedom (Progressive Folk Metal)

18 January

Last Drakma – Spiritual War (Power Metal)

Fabula Rasa – Through the Molten Eye (Folk Power Metal) [EP]

24 January

Elegy of Madness – Invisible World (Symphonic Metal)

SWMM – Trail of the Fallen (Symphonic Folk Metal)

Ironsword – Servants of Steel (Heavy Power Metal)

Temperance – Viridian (Melodic Metal)

Thoughts Factory – Elements (Progressive Metal)

Wolfpakk – Nature Strikes Back (Heavy Metal)

29 January

Shadowquest – Gallows of Eden (Power Metal)

Lovebites – Electric Pentagram (Heavy Power Metal)

31 January

Amberian Dawn – Looking for You (Melodic Metal)

Invictus – Eden (Heavy Power Metal)

Serenity – The Last Knight (Progressive Symphonic Metal)

Serious Black – Suite 226 (Power Metal)

5 February

Hauk – Red Tail Rising (Folk Metal)

Nightfear – Apocalypse (Heavy Power Metal)

7 February

Delain – Apocalypse and Chill (Melodic Metal)

Ironflame – Blood Red Victory (Heavy Power Metal)

Operose – Oceans of Starlight (Progressive Symphonic Metal)

Kanseil – Cant del corlo (Folk Metal) [EP]

14 February

Anvil – Legal at Last (Heavy Power Metal)

Seven Spires – Emerald Seas (Symphonic Metal)

Diabulus In Musica – Euphonic Entropy (Symphonic Metal)

21 February

Demons & Wizards – III (Power Metal)

Secret Rule – Against (Melodic Metal)

Throne of Iron – Adventure One (Heavy Metal)

Verikalpa – Tuoppitanssi (Folk Metal)

6 March

Almanac – Rush of Death (Symphonic Power Metal)

Burning Witches – Dance with the Devil (Heavy Power Metal)

20 March

Beneath My Sins – I Decide (Symphonic Metal)

27 March

Aevum – Multiverse (Symphonic Metal)

Scarlet Aura – Stormbreaker (Symphonic Metal)

Brothers Of Metal Delay Album Release Date

Heavy metal warriors Brothers of Metal have had to delay the release of their upcoming album, Emblas Saga, buy about a month.

The album was originally announced for 6 December of this year, but, due to unforeseen circumstances, that date has been pushed back to 10 January of 2020.

On the bright side, the Brothers have released the official tracklist for Emblas Saga:

01 Brood Of The Trickster
03 Hel
04 Chain Breaker
05 Kaunaz Dagaz
06 Theft Of The Hammer
07 Weaver Of Fate
08 Njord
09 Emblas Saga
10 Brothers Unite
11 One
12 Ride Of The Valkyries
13 To The Skies And Beyond

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Mystic Prophecy Announce Eleventh Album

German heavy metal titans have a new album on the way. The album is entitled Metal Division and will be the band’s first album release under their new label, ROAR!. Mystic Prophecy were previously signed with Massacre Records, under which they released seven albums.

From the ROAR! press release:
Metal Division is definitely the band’s heaviest and best work to date and will elevate Mystic Prophecy where they belong: to the HEAVY METAL pantheon!

Metal Division will be released on 10 January of 2020.

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Victorius Announce New Album

Power metal powerforce Victorius have announced their followup to 2018’s EP Dinosaur Warfare – Legend of the Power Saurus. Where Dinosaur Warfare saw a holy war between aliens and the mighty dinosaurs for Earth, Space Ninjas from Hell will see the Dinoforce pitted against, well, space ninjas that are presumably from Hell.

Now, that all sounds fun and hilarious (which is what I’m all about), but let’s just take a second to look at the album artwork:

Look familiar, no? Like, maybe, I don’t now, a blatant copy of this MASTERPIECE that was announced just a day before?!

Hm. On the one hand, if this was coordinated, it’s fucking hilarious and awesome. But, on the other (and more likely) hand, this is bullshit.

Regardless, I’m excited to hear the first singles of Space Ninjas from Hell, as well as the full album, which will be released on 17 january 2020 via Napalm Records.

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January 2019: Highlights Of The Month

With the month almost over, there’s no time like the present to recap the highlights. As bands get ready for the tours, albums, and festivals for the coming year, January tends to be a time that’s more about preparation and less about releases (which isn’t to say there were none).

There were plenty of singles released this month (as well as albums, which you can check out here). Come check out some of the best power metal news of the month!

New Singles

Iron Savior – ‘Eternal Quest’

Probably the biggest announcement this month was that of German power metallers Iron Savior. Their twelfth album, entitled Kill Or Get Killed, is slated to be released 8 March. After a steady level of quality despite frequent releases, their first single ‘Eternal Quest’ sounds incredibly promising.

Iron Savior – Eternal Quest (AFM Records)

Battle Beast – ‘No More Hollywood Endings’

Battle Beast has released the titular single for their album No More Hollywood Endings, coming out 22 March. They made clear through interviews and social media posts last year that this album would feature more pop-influenced content, and, while definitely still a solid track, ‘No More Hollywood Endings’ reflects that clearly.

Battle Beast – No More Hollywood Endings (Nuclear Blast)

Rhapsody of Fire – ‘Rain Of Fury’

This is turning out to be quite the year in power metal; it seems like every heavyweight will be putting out new material. Rhapsody of Fire released their second single of the upcoming The Eighth Mountain, which erupts 22 February. The track, ‘Rain Of Fury’, delivers the fast-paced power we’ve grown to love since the bands fruition.

Rhapsody of Fire – Rain Of Fury (AFM Records)

Hate World Hero – ‘Time’

Finnish Metalcore band Hate World Hero came out with a new single, called ‘Time’. The structure is poppy but the guitar riffs are heavy and the electronic components support the rhythm instruments well.

No album has been confirmed yet, but their released material is well worth listening to.

Hate World Hero – Time

Dream Theater – ‘Fall Into The Light’

Making up for the cosmically underwhelming record that was The Astonishing, Dream Theater’s new single ‘Fall Into The Light’ reminds us why we love them. The time changes aren’t overdone, the track is very dynamic, and it sounds like something new.

The upcoming Distance Over Time is set to release on 22 February, and, if the singles are anything to judge off of, it’ll be another phenomenal Dream Theater release.

Арктида – ‘Во все тяжкие’

Арктида has released nine singles and an EP since their last album back in 2015. This month saw two fast-paced power metal singles: ‘Во все тяжкие'(‘Breaking Bad’) and ‘Первый удар'(‘First Strike’). Both of them are absolutely fantastic, but the raw speed and power in ‘Первый удар’ puts it as my favourite of the two.

Арктида – Во все тяжкие

Beast in Black – ‘Die By The Blade’

Now comes my favourite piece of metal news of the month: Beast in Black’s new single. Upon their announcement of their sophomore album late last year, I’ve been dying to here more 80s cheese from Anton Kabanen, and, man, does ‘Die By The Blade’ deliver.

I could praise the shit out of this track here, but I’ll just let you listen for yourself.

Beast in Black – Die By The Blade (Nuclear Blast)

Other News

Swedish heavy/pirate metal band Blazon Stone announced that their fifth album is in production, but a release date has not been confirmed. If you haven’t heard them yet, go give them a listen.

Blazon Stone – Down in the Dark

Solarus, a new power metal band from Canada, announced a second album. With no date yet set, their Facebook page has teased that it will be coming soon, also posting a music video for a new single. (Sorry for the lack of video; it wouldn’t convert from YouTube properly.)

Elvenking and DragonForce have been posting recording updates on their social media pages, but have yet to announce release dates for their upcoming albums. Equilibrium also disclosed that a new album is on the way, but not much info has been released as of yet.

Brand new international power metal outfit Warkings begins touring with Amaranthe on the Western European leg of the Helix World Tour on 31 January.

Stay tuned for more news and articles, coming soon!

Stay Metal \m/